Help Center

What is your return policy?

No returns. COVID 19 forces us to have a no return policy. Please read each product carefully before purchasing. 

Do you offer gift cards?

Yaya's natural skincare is new to the market as of now no gift cards. 

What are the payment options?

PayPal, and all major credit cards 

What is your refund policy?

No returns. All purchases are final 

Why is yaya's black soap not black?

Yaya's black soap is mixed with other products that are beneficial to your skin. Products like oatmeal soap, shea soap, vitamin E  oil, Jojoba oil..adding these products will effect the color of the soap however adding these products will add more benefits to your skin

Can all skin type use your skincare??

Yaya's natural skincare is mixed with shea butter, vitamin E, Jojoba oil, oatmeal soap  and each ingredients have an amazing benefits which allows you to use daily HOWEVER if you have any nut allergies this skincare line is not for you for most of the ingredients are nuts like Jojoba oil, cocoa butter, etc